You will need a username and password AND your FTP software to upload your files to us at hazmatzftp.com. If you don't have a username and password, please email us at hazmat@hazmatmedia.com.

Instructions for use of HAZMAT MEDIA’S ZFTP site.
Step 1: Contact HAZMAT MEDIA for a username
and password.
Step 2: Use your current FTP software program to
access HAZMAT MEDIA’S ZFTP site for
file sharing. If you do not have a FTP software program, visit vicomsoft.com for a free trial (for Macs) or smartftp.com (for PCs).
Step 3: Open your FTP software. Click File and select
New Connection.
Step 4: Enter server information – hazmat.zftp.com
Step 5: Enter username as provided by
Step 6: Enter password as provided by HAZMAT MEDIA.
Step 7: Press connect.