What is a “proof”?
A proof is a sample of the final document or photo sheet. It is a way of ensuring that the documents are formatted correctly on your stationery and laid-out the way you want them to look. Once the document is formatted and we make sure it is in the correct font, etc., we will fax it to you for approval before printing.

Why do I need to look at a proof if the documents I sent are already formatted?
Sometimes the process of downloading documents from email can affect the formatting. We will fix the spacing and ensure that everything fits on your letterhead and is in the right font, etc. Your approval of the final proof is assurance that you have inspected the documents and that you approve them as accurate. This is an important step whether your project is 50 copies or 5,000 copies.

How should I send over my mailing list?
We prefer to receive lists in excel format. This is particularly important if we are merging the list with a letter to make it personalized or if we are using the list to process shipping labels. Please format the data to have separate columns for contact name, company, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip and phone.